Best OEM Quality Battery Replacement For Apple iPhone X (10) (2716 mAh)

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Warranty :   6 months

Still don’t know what to do for a Poor battery life?

We bring you the OEM iPhone X battery replacement pack. If your handset is draining juice faster or if it is not turning on at all, the answer is to replace the battery. This affordable part is an official component that is designed for all variants of the iPhone X.

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General Battery-Life Complaints

Apple’s iPhone range is widely criticized for offering less battery life. Most complaints are avoidable because the main reason users have to recharge their devices daily. They are so addictive and often forget to juice up regularly.

There are also many other causes for bad battery life, this includes , connectivity capabilities being turned on when they are not needed, apps running in the background unnecessarily or even a software update from Apple that has crippled performance and needs to be patched up. So before you decide to replace the battery, it is worth to try these and see if something can be done.

Specs to look out

The battery being able to protect against the effects of a short circuit, it is also capable of preventing damage when the phone is left to charge for a long period of time after the capacity has been reached.

The capacity is 2716 mAh and delivers a voltage of 3.82V, which makes it technically identical to the unit that you will be replacing when you purchase it.

Product Details

Condition: Brand New

Compatible Brand: Apple

Compatible Models: Apple iPhone X

Warranty: 6 Months

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Venkat(Posted on 2018/08/24)

Nice Product
Nice Product

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