High Quality LCD Display and Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly for Lenovo K8 - Black

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Warranty :   1 year

Whether you have cracked the glass, touch screen not functioning or your Display is not working correctly and you are looking to change the broken Lenovo K8 Display, we are offering a brand new display for a Lenovo K8 which can be used to change a broken or damaged screen or touch glass.

₹2800 ₹4600

Lenovo K8 screen is a whole combo of display and touch screen both. It simply means that both parts are joined together and can’t be detached.

Numerous consumers notify us that they only need to change the touch screen glass because their display is perfectly fine. Though, It is not possible as both parts are combined with each other.

The touch screen glass is closely attached to the display. Think it like, two very thin glasses are attached together and you want to separate them to replace one.

For this reason, If you have a broken K8 and looking for screen replacement then, buying a complete combo is the right way to go. The mechanic will take out the broken display unit and change it with a new one.

100% brand new combo For Lenovo K8. You can use this product to repair a broken LCD or Touch Screen Glass.

Product Details

Condition: Brand New

Compatible Brand: Lenovo

Compatible Models: Lenovo K8

Color : Black

Warranty: 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Mariam(Posted on 2018/08/14)

This LCD screen was very clear and works well with the touch responsiveness.

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