High Quality Lightning Dock Port Assembly Replacement for Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Gray

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Warranty :   1 year

Do you have any problem with charging your iPhone 7? it may be issue with the charging port. This is the iPhone 7 Plus Charging Dock Port Board Replacement in Gray. Trying different USB chargers wondering why your phone just won’t hold a charge or charge at all? The problem may be due to your USB dock port. Not only is this an affordable purchase, but the product is of high quality for the consumer. Included in this assembly are the lighting connector, dual microphones, and an antenna. Altogether, this replacement part will have your phone working like new in no time!

₹1700 ₹4800


  • High-quality iPhone 7 Plus Charging Dock Port Assembly Replacement
  • Will fix charging/syncing and connectivity issues
  • Includes the lightning connector, dual microphones, and an antenna
  • Affordable repair part for the black iPhone 7 Plus phone

Product Details

Condition: Brand New

Compatible Brand: Apple

Compatible Models: Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Color : Gray

Warranty: 1 Year

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