Most of the spare parts for mobile phones, Tablet, Laptops comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Customers can get replacement their goods within the warranty period after the purchase (excluding the delivery time) if the exchangeable item is in stock.

Warranty does not cover some types of spare parts. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please read the description and additional information or check with the sales team about warranty for the item you want to purchase.

Reverse pick up will be done from our side where ever feasible.

Screen guard does not comes with warranty or guarantee.

If any warranty seal is broken or has been tampered with, the product will no longer have any warranty, and we will no longer be liable for the repair or replacement of your product.

The purchased product might contain more than 1 warranty seal. In this case each and every warranty seal must be intact, should not be broken or tampered with. If any of the seal is found broken or tampered with, then the product will no longer have any warranty.

Before you buy any items, please ensure that you have verified compatibility with your requirements and your handset. We will not take any responsibility and will not accept returns for items purchased that are not compatible with your requirements or your device.

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